Big Jim Sullivan 1941 - 2012

Who is Big Jim Sullivan I hear you ask? well I didn't really know prior to 2003, so read on. This is man who played on literally hundreds of pop and rock sessions from the 50's through to the 1990's.  You will have recordings in your collections that you will not even know he played on.

He was asked to join Led Zeppelin and turned it down!, Sat around with George Harrison at his Esher bungalow and played Sitar and played on hits by Tom Jones and David Bowie.



I met Jim circa 2003. Jim's wife Norma and a friend of mine worked at a company in Redhill surrey. It was the companies Christmas party and a band had been booked. Two people turned up in a van and began unloading equipment. After a few seasonal exchanges I said "Are you the band tonight then?" A larger than life gentleman said "We certainly are sir". For the next two hours I sat there spellbound at the guitar playing of both Big Jim but also his accomplice Duncan McKenzie.

Soon after Jim's wife Norma invited us to come along to Coolham Village hall West Sussex close to where Jim and Norma lived in Billingshurst. It seems an unlikely venue but Jim used the hall to perform using his network of musician friends. The performances were arranged monthly and we would bring along our own food, sitting at the tables. Eventually we brought along other friends to appreciate the music. A few years down the line the concert became more sporadic and eventually Jim had to retire on health grounds. He passed away in 2012.

Jim had a website back in those days, I remembered it have a wealth of recording information that I had not seen anywhere else. Imagine my surprise that recently when looking through my PC archived files I found copies of Jim's website information and recording information. So here it is, I have tidied the formatting. The amount of records Jim played on was amazing. I remember him telling me how he had been working with other session musicians to recover lost royalties from those long ago sessions.

Stuart August 2016

So here it is Jim's old site content.

History of B.J.S.

Big Jim Sullivan started playing the guitar at 14 and within 2 years was already a professional. Richie Blackmore went to see Jim every now and then for the odd lesson.

"It wasn't that odd" said Jim "Richie was a precocious talent even then, he learned to be an individual very quickly. To be truthful I think that telling him to be an individual and making him use his little finger is all I needed to tell him. The rest was natural to him."


Hitting the big time at 17 as one of Marty Wildes original Wildcats. The Wildcats, including Jim, had the pleasure of meeting and backing the charismatic Eddie Cochran on his ill-fated tour of England. Jim went on to become one of the most sought after session guitarists throughout the sixties and seventies, his flexibility for every style of music meant he was always busy, averaging 3 sessions a day, playing on an enormous number of hits, (at least 1,000 chart entries). As you can see from the chart entries Jim had contact with many stars and musicians. Jim recalls:

"It was the early days of Rock 'n' Roll in this country. We were all struggling to learn music, it might be Country, Jazz, Classical, Blues or even Rock 'n' Roll. None of us younger musicians wasted to much time doing teenage things. I remember John McLaughlin sitting in Lew Davies practicing his jazz chords and licks. We, all of us that knew John, knew that this lad had extraordinary potential. I remember him later coming onto a session and raving about how 'Giant Steps' rotated down in major 3rds and how it was centred around 3 key centres. We had to think about this revelation but John had grasped its significance absolutely. When I talk about us I include the musicians who were on the session scene at this time (1958-onwards).

The guitarists were Johnny Mc, Joe Morretti, Colin Green and Vick Flick  Jimmy Page & Alan Parker were a little later 1963), among the younger set. The older guys were Eric Ford, Brian Dayley, Ernie Sheer, Judd Proctor, Jack Llewelyn, Ike Isacks, Roland Shaw, Dave Goldberg, and to many more to name. All of the older guys had their Gibson L5's or Epiphone Emperor's, De Angelico's, Guild's, and other exotic guitars. All of them full bodied with a separate pickup attached to the instrument. Vick Flick had a Fender Stratocaster, possibly the first solid body guitar on the session scene. I used a 1955 Gibson gold top on my first sessions early in 1958 with Marty Wilde. It belonged to a gospel singer called Sister Roseta Tharp and Marty bought it from her in the mid 60's. I used this guitar until 1959 when American guitars were allowed to be imported into this country. I then bought a cherry red Gibson 345 stereo from Ivor Mairants it was magnificent. I used to go to Ivor's shop a lot. I met many great guitarists at Ivors. I think the 345 cost me about £300 in 1959 so I am not surprised to hear that they cost about £5000 now. I used this guitar on many hits of the early mid 60's. The Wildcats, who by this time had left Marty and had changed their name to the Krewcats, even had a bit of an instrumental hit with "Trambone" in 1961 and I used this guitar on that track. Jack Good the producer of the 'Oh Boy' show loved that guitar and used me on all of his early sessions. I remember one session, this little girl was screaming and shouting with incredible dexterity, she made my hair curl. The track was 'Shout' and the little girl was LuLu, she was 14 years old.

The older session men used to call me the 'Electric Monster' because I used to make the guitar scream and groan when I bent and pulled the strings. I remember making quite an impact with the tone and volume pedal when I used it on Dave Berry's "Crying Game". Even to this day people still argue as to whether it was me or Jimmy Page playing on the track. Also before that I did the solo's on P.J Proby's "Hold Me" & "Together". It caused the same argument because this was the first fuzzbox used in this country.Lots of people think it was Jimmy Page who had the first fuzzbox. It wasn't, No! it wasn't me either. Eric Ford came to a session one day and produced this little gold box with Gibson written on it. It had one button for off and on and he wasn't quite sure about what it did. I knew what it was because I knew Chet Atkins had used such a gismo on one of the Everly Brothers tracks. Eric lent it to me and I used it on the track we were recording at the time. It blew the mind of Keith Grant, the engineer at Olympic studios, and we only did one take of that particular track. It was 'Hold Me' and it put Jim Proby on the way to becoming a big star. The guitar was very popular at this time during the 60's and almost every session had at least 2 guitars on them. Folk music was popular and so was country, but the Memphis sound was being overtaken by the 'Stacks' & 'Motown' sound. The late Mid 60's had the groups taking over the charts. The solo artist was still around but groups were in the studios and most of my work was with them. 'Small Faces', 'Freddie and the Dreamers', 'The Kinks', 'The Tremelos', I could go and on. Take a look at the list (1,000 chart entries) and you will see most of them. This list only shows the chart entries. There were more groups that made records and didn't make it than there were groups that made it. So you can imagine the work that we did.

Most of the groups couldn't handle the studio, it was a very nerve racking experience if you never worked in studio conditions before. You sit there waiting for the RED LIGHT to go on. You could be sitting there for five minutes, waiting, while the producer talks to the engineer. Then the light goes on you know that you mustn't make a mistake for at least 4 minutes. So your concentration must be %100. If you can't control your nerves you fold and make mistakes. All session people suffer from nerves. I knew some guitar players who suffered from RED LIGHT NERVES so bad that they literally stopped playing in the middle of a take.

 Jim playing on an episode of Space 1999

 Jim playing on an episode of Space 1999

I used to get nervous so I took up Yoga to help me calm down. It worked and I went on to study eastern philosophy for many years. It tied in nicely with the study of Indian music. All the time I was playing on sessions I never got time to make an album for myself. In all I think I have made about 6 of my own albums in my life. 3 of these were with 'TIGER' in the 70's. The 1st Album I made was on Sitar and was called 'SITAR BEAT' 1967 this album was the one that Johnny Mc played on. I then made and Album for MAM. This was called 'Sullivan Plays O'Sullivan' 1971. This Album was all Gilbert O'Sullivan songs. The last solo album I made was 'Big Jims Back'1974 and is the biggest embarrassment of my life. I had to sing on this album. It was the brainchild of my production partner Derek Lawrence. The only redeeming thing on this album is the fact that Chas 'n'Dave wrote most of the songs on it. They also played on it and we had a great time making the album.

So I gave up making albums. Then came 3 Albums with 'Tiger' 1975-76. I still play on the odd session but I have refused to make another album under my name and I will refuse until I can make one the way I want to".

In early 1969 Jim joined Tom Jones, touring extensively and although often in the background with the rest of the band he featured many times with special guests on Toms TV. shows. 


"At this time I was able to spend a lot of time on my classical guitar. The 8-9 months a year on the road left me with a lot of time on my hands. It wasn't all spent on practicing, I did do other things! but the classical guitar means a lot to me so I spend many hours building good chops and getting a good program together. These 4 titles are all that remains of my time on the classical guitar. These tracks were recorded on a small tape recorder so please excuse the sound. PRESS TO PLAY the 4 Tracks. I still love the classical guitar and am thinking of putting a few pieces into my public appearances when I play jazz." 

Jim left Tom late 1974 and immediately teamed up with Derek Lawrence, the producer of 'Deep Purple', 'Wishbone Ash' and more. Derek and Jim had a record label called 'Retreat'. They also produced various artists over a period of two years or so. Among these artists were 'Labi Sifri', 'Chas 'n' Dave', 'Mcguiness Flint', 'Tiger' and more. Together they went to the states and produced a Glam Metal band called 'Angel'. This band was very big in America and Derek and Jim Stayed in the States and produced more artists and a second 'Angel' album. In 75 Jim came back to England to carry on with 'Tiger'. Derek stayed in America for a few years. for the next couple of years Jim concentrated on 'Tiger'. Making a further two albums. None of the albums sold great amounts of records, the third and best album,produced by Mike Vernon, was shelved by E.M.I. They didn't think it was worth the trouble.

A few years later John Glover, who was Tigers manager during their brief life, bought the album from E.M.I and printed a couple of thousand for his own distribution company. The album has been released a third time 1994 by Ozone Records in America. The players on that album are:- Nicky Moore & Les Walker-VOCALS, Percy Jones Mo Foster-BASS, Simon Phillips-DRUMS, Dave Lawson-Alan Parks-KEYBOARDS, Big Jim Sullivan-GUITAR. This band made its one and only live appearance at the Reading Festival in 1976. After that Jim decided to go his own way and disbanded Tiger.

The James Last Orchestra

In 1978 he became part of the James Last Orchestra which took care of the next 9 years with a brief spell away to do a major tour with Olivia Newton-John following her success in Grease. After so many years 'on the road' Jim turned to composing music for film and jingles. His guitar took a back seat for a few years until a mutual friend suggested he should go and sit in with a musician playing in a nearby pub. He did just that and found playing locally was to his liking. This musician was Willie Austen. Jim Played with Willie from early-mid 80's right up to 1997. "I think we opened new vistas in Pub entertainment, we always played to full houses and we got paid well doing it". You hear some of the work Willie and Jim created on the Music Page as well as on Willie's Page. "We were together for about 12 years", quotes Jim," And of course the inevitable happened, so we got divorced. It is hard for 2 creative people to work together for that length of time and not fall out."

Willie is still doing his thing but with another guitarist and Jim is now embarking into the more academic side of the business. He still plays in the local clubs & pubs covering all types of music from rock to jazz. Jim worked with another close friends band in the late eighties. This band was called the 'Diamonds' led by Steve Gordon. Jim had met Steve whilst playing with Willie and made a few public appearances with the Band. Jims love for jazz had always haunted him because he never got the chance to play jazz that often, so he decided to put a band together when 'Guitarist Magazine' asked him to appear at the Mag's convention in Hammersmith 1990.


A band was put together for the show and later (1991) turned into the group called 'US'. At the show Jim met guitar maker Patrick Eggle and started a relationship with the company that has lasted for years. In fact Jim still plays the 'JS Legend' model that he help to design in 1991. "I had hoped to get Fender to make me a special Telecaster but as yet no sign has been made". "I would love to have a signature model, after all everybody else has one" said Jim with a big smile on his face. The Jazz Group 'US' (1990-1994) which had Derek Austen(piano), Malcolm Mortimer(Drums) & Herbie Flowers on Bass, You can hear some of the tracks they recorded if you go to the music page.

The 3 of US 1997-1998

The next jazz group consisted of  Derek Austin, Hammond C3, Malcolm Mortimer, Drums and Jim on Guitar and Guitar synth and was called 'The 3 of US' (1997-1998). You can hear some of the tracks they recorded if you go to 'The 3 of US'  page. Jim say's "I do like to get home at night. When you are on an eight-month tour home seems to become hazy and fade. You tend to forget what it is like to have a home."  

Duncan Mackenzie

At this time Jim is also playing live gigs with Duncan Mackenzie, a friend of long standing and a great artist in his own right. The duo covers music from jazz standards to Jimmy Hendrix. Jim says "I like to work with artists who are as wide in their musical taste as I am. It gives the listener a good workout, to listen to the music, the same as it does us to play it."

Van Morrison

"My whole life is geared to play guitar. I play what I want when I want and I hope the listener gets as much pleasure listening to the music as I get playing it."  "Just recently I worked with Van Morrison and I came to realise that money can't make a decent human being out of you". "Here is a man worth 50 million pounds and is as unhappy a person as I have ever seen". "He is so unhappy that he treats everybody as if he had bought them and they belonged to him to do what he likes with them". "My stay with Van was very short lived and the lesson learned from him will stay with me for a long time".

"A nice way to spend the rest of my life." said Jim "Would be to work for Love instead of Work to Live". "I am a very lucky man. I am living my life with my hobby as my profession." 

..and the classic music he played on

This list again from Jim's old website shows the track or album followed by the artist and then label on which it was issued. An amazing list. A fuller list with chart history can be found through an internet search.

Jim's first single he appeared on, 'Alone' by the Southlanders 1957

Jim's first single he appeared on, 'Alone' by the Southlanders 1957

Alone Southlanders 22/11/57 Decca

A Teenager in Love Marty Wilde 05/06/59 Phillips

Sea of Love Marty Wilde 25/09/59 Phillips

Bad Boy Marty Wilde 11/12/59 Phillips

I’ll Stay Single Jerry Lordan 08/01/60 Parlophone

Be Mine Lance Fortune 19/02/60 Pye

Who Could Be Bluer Jerry Lordan 26/02/60 Parlophone

Colette Billy Fury 10/03/60 Decca

Johnny Rocco Marty Wilde 10/03/60 Phillips

This Love I have For You Lance Fortune 05/05/60 Pye

The Fight Marty Wilde 19/05/60 Phillips

Green Jeans Flee-Rekkers 19/05/60 RGM

Too Good Little Tony 23/05/60 Decca

Ain’t Misbehavin’ Tommy Bruce 26/05/60 Columbia

That’s Love Billy Fury 26/05/60 Decca

Sing Like an Angel Jerry Lordan 02/06/60 Parlophone

The Sound of Fury Billy Fury 04/06/60 Decca

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Adam Faith 30/06/60 Parlophone

Look for a Star Gary Mills 07/07/60 Top Rank

Image of a Girl Nelson Keene 25/08/60 HMV

Broken Doll Tommy Bruce 08/09/60 Columbia

How About That Adam Faith 15/09/60 Parlophone

Wondrous Place Billy Fury 22/09/60 Decca

Restless Johnny Kid 06/10/60 HMV

Never On a Sunday Manuel & his Music 13/10/60 Columbia

Top Teen Baby Gary Mills 20/10/60 Top Rank

Never on a Sunday Lynn Cornell 20/10/60 Decca

Milord Frankie Vaughn 27/10/60 Phillips

Tower of Strength Frankie Vaughn 09/11/60 Phillips

Goodness Gracious Me Peter Sellers 10/11/60 Parlophone

Lonely Pup Adam Faith 17/11/60 Parlophone

Peter & Sophia Peter Sellers 03/12/60 Parlophone

Little Girl Marty Wilde 22/12/60 Phillips

Togetherness Mike Preston 22/12/60 Decca

A Hard Day’s Night Peter Sellers 12/01/61 Parlophone

Can’t You Hear My Heart Danny Rivers 12/01/61 Decca

I Love How You Love Me Jimmy Crawford 16/01/61 Columbia

A Thousand Stars Billy Fury 19/01/61 Decca

Sailor Anne Shelton 26/01/61 Phillips

Rubber Ball Marty Wilde 26/01/61 Phillips

Sailor Petula Clark 26/01/61 Pye

Who Am I Adam Faith 09/02/61 Parlophone

Marry Me Mike Preston 09/03/61 Decca

Trambone Krewcats 09/03/61 HMV

Linda Lou Johnny Kid 13/04/61 HMV

Something Missing Petula Clark 13/04/61 Pye

A Hundred Pounds of Clay Craig Douglas 20/04/61 Top Rank

Don’t Worry Billy Fury 27/04/61 Decca

Easy Going Me Adam Faith 27/04/61 Parlophone

Nina & Fredrick Nina & Fredrick 29/04/61 Columbia

Halfway to Paradise Billy Fury 11/05/61 Decca

Words Allisons 18/05/61 Fontana

Always You & Me Russ Conway 25/05/61 Columbia

Well I Ask You Eden Kane 01/06/61 Decca

Love or Money Jimmy Crawford 08/06/61 Polydor

Weels Cha Cha Joe Loss 29/06/61 HMV

Don’t Jump Off the Roof Dad Tommy Cooper 29/06/61 Palette

Time Craig Douglas 29/06/61 Top Rank

Romeo Petula Clark 13/07/61 Pye

Don’t You Know It Adam Faith 20/07/61 Parlophone

Hide and Seek Marty Wilde 27/07/61 Phillips

Johnny Remember Me John Leyton 03/08/61 Top Rank

Writing on the Wall Tommy Steel 17/08/61 Decca

Too Many Beautiful Girls Clinton Ford 17/08/61 Oriole

Halfway to Paradise Billy Fury 23/08/61 Ace of Clubs

Toy Ballons Russ Conway 24/08/61 Columbia

Breakaway Springfields 31/08/61 Phillips

Jealousy Billy Fury 07/09/61 Decca

Get Lost Eden Kane 14/09/61 Decca

Longtime Boy Nina & Fredrick 28/09/61 Colunbia

Gonna Build a Mountain Matt Monro 28/09/61 Parlophone

Wild Wind John Leyton 05/10/61 Top Rank

Sucu Sucu Nina & Fredrick 05/10/61 Colunbia

Tribute to Buddy Holly Mike Berry 12/10/61 HMV

Let’s Get Together Hayley Mills 19/10/61 Decca

Sucu Sucu Joe Loss 19/10/61 HMV

Moon River Danny Williams 02/11/61 HMV

Tomorrows Clown Marty Wilde 09/11/61 Phillips

Runaround Sue Doug Sheldon 09/11/61 Decca

My Friend the Sea Petula Clark 16/11/61 Pye

Bambino Springfields 16/11/61 Phillips

I’d Never Find Another You Billy Fury 14/12/61 Decca

Mrs Mills’ Medley Mrs Mills 14/12/61 Parlophone

There Goes That Song again Gary Miller 21/12/61 Pye

Son This is She John Leyton 28/12/61 HMV

Your Ma said you Cried inYour Sleep Last Nie Doug Sheldon 04/01/62 Decca

Jeanie Danny Williams 18/01/62 HMV

Forget Me Not Eden Kane 18/01/62 Decca

Lonesome Adam Faith 18/01/62 Parlophone

Don’t Stop Twist Frankie Vaughn 01/02/62 Phillips

Little Bitty Tear Mikki & Griff 01/02/62 Pye

I’m Counting on You Petula Clark 08/02/62 Pye

Softly As I Leave You Matt Monro 08/02/62 Parlophone

Lessons in Love Allisons 15/02/62 Fontana

Shirley Bassey Shirley Bassey 17/02/62 Columbia

Lesson One Russ Conway 22/02/62 Columbia

Babette Tommy Bruce 22/02/62 Columbia

Theme from Dr Kildare Johnnie Spence 01/03/62 Parlophone

Theme From Z Cars Johnny Keating 01/03/62 Piccadilly

Fanlight Fanny Clinton Ford 08/03/62 Oriole

Tops with Me Helen Shapiro 10/03/62 Columbia

Lone Rider John Leyton 15/03/62 HMV

When My Little Girl is Smiling CraigDouglas 22/03/62 Top Rank

When My Little Girl Is Smiling Jimmy Justice 29/03/62 Pye

The Maigret Theme Joe Loss 29/03/62 HMV

Its All Over Now Shane Fenton 05/04/62 Parlophone

Lonely City John Leyton 03/05/62 HMV

As You Like It Adam Faith 03/05/62 Parlophone

Last Night Was Made For Love Billy Fury 03/05/62 Decca

Come Outside Mike Sarne 10/05/62 Parlophone

I Don’t Know Why Eden Kane 10/05/62 Decca

Jezebel Marty Wilde 24/05/62 Phillips

Besame Mucho Jet Harris 24/05/62 Decca

The Rivers Run Dry Vince Hill 07/06/62 Piccadilly

When Love Comes Along Matt Monro 14/06/62 Parlophone

Ain’t That Funny Jimmy Justice 14/06/62 Pye

Our Favourite Melodies CraigDouglas 28/06/62 Columbia

Ya Ya Twist Petula Clark 28/06/62 Pye

I Remember You Frank Ifield 05/07/62 Columbia

Once Upon A Dream Billy Fury 19/07/62 Decca

Roses Are Red Ronnie Carrol 02/08/62 Phillips

Man With the Golden Gun Jet Harris 16/08/62 Decca

Spanish Harlem Jimmy Justice 23/08/62 Pye

Down the River Nile John Leyton 23/08/62 HMV

Some People Carol Deene 23/08/62 HMV

What Now My Love Shirley Bassey 30/08/62 Columbia

Will I What Mike Sarne 30/08/62 Parlophone

Don’t That Beat All Adam Faith 30/08/62 Parlophone

Loco-Motion Vernons Girls 06/09/62 Decca

Hercules Frankie Vaughn 27/09/62 Phillips

Out of This World Tony Hatch 04/10/62 Pye

Bobby’s Girl Susan Maughn 11/10/62 Phillips

Pretty Jennie Jess Conrad 11/10/62 Decca

Oh Lonesome Me CraigDouglas 18/10/62 Decca

Because OfLove Billy Fury 25/10/62 Decca

Sun Arise Rolf Harris 25/10/62 Columbia

Lovesick Blues Frank Ifield 25/10/62 Columbia

Johnny Get Angry Carol Deene 26/10/62 HMV

James Bond Theme John Barry 01/11/62 Columbia

Must Be Madison Joe Loss 01/11/62 HMV

Can Can Peter Jay 08/11/62 Decca

My Love & Devotion Matt Monro 08/11/62 Parlophone

If Only Tomorrow Ronnie Carrol 15/11/62 Phillips

Up On the Roof Kenny Lynch 06/12/62 HMV

Go Away Little Girl Mark Winter 13/12/62 PYE

Island of Dreams Springfields 13/12/62 Phillips

Don’t You Think its Time Mike Berry 03/01/63 HMV

Funny All Over Vernons Girls 03/01/63 Decca

Up on the Roof Julie Grant 03/01/63 Pye

Shot of Rhythm & Blues Johnny Kid 10/01/63 HMV

Diamonds Jet & Tony 10/01/63 Decca

Just For Kicks Mike Sarne 10/01/63 Parlophone

Loop-De-Loop Frankie Vaughn 24/01/63 Phillips

Wayward Wind Frank Ifield 24/01/63 Columbia

Charmaine Bachelors 24/01/63 Decca

Confessin’ Frank Ifield 27/01/63 Columbia

I Saw Linda Yesterday Doug Sheldon 07/02/63 Decca

Queen for Tonight Helen Shapiro 07/02/63 Columbia

Like I’ve Never Been Gone Billy Fury 14/02/63 Decca

I’ll Remember You Frank Ifield 16/02/63 Columbia

Cupboard Love John Leyton 21/02/63 HMV

Town Crier Craig Douglas 28/02/63 Decca

Johnny Day Rolf Harris 28/02/63 Columbia

What Kind of Fool Am I Shirley Bassey 28/02/63 Columbia

Say Wonderful Things Ronnie Carrol 07/03/63 Phillips

Fireball Don Spencer 21/03/63 HMV

Say I Won’t Be There Springfields 28/03/63 Phillips

Count on Me Julie Grant 28/03/63 Pye

Code of Love Mike Sarne 28/03/63 Parlophone

Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine Frank Ifield 11/04/63 Columbia

My Little Baby Mike Berry 11/04/63 HMV

Do the Bird Vernons Girls 18/04/63 Decca

Scarlet O’Hara Jet & Tony 25/04/63 Decca

Woe is Me Helen Shapiro 25/04/63 Columbia

She’s New To You Susan Maughn 09/05/63 Phillips

Billy Billy Fury 11/05/63 Decca

When Will You say I Love You Billy Fury 16/05/63 Decca

Harvest Of Love Benny Hill 16/05/63 Pye

Shy Girl Mark Winter 06/06/63 PYE

You Can Never Stop Me Loving You Kenny Lynch 20/06/63 HMV

Twist & Shout Brian Poole 04/07/63 Decca

Faraway Places Bachelors 04/07/63 Decca

Walking Tall Adam Faith 11/07/63 Parlophone

I’ll Cut Your Tail Off John Leyton 18/07/63 HMV

The Legion’s Last Patrol Ken Thorne 18/07/63 HMV

Hey Mama Frankie Vaughn 20/07/63 Phillips

I’ll Never Get Over You Johnny Kid 25/07/63 HMV

In Summer Billy Fury 25/07/63 Decca

Come on Home Springfields 25/07/63 Phillips

Just Like Eddie Heinz 08/08/63 Decca

That’s What I Want Marauders 08/08/63 Decca

Dance On Kathy Kirby 15/08/63 Decca

Be My Girl Dennisons 15/08/63 Decca

Born Free Frank Ifield 21/08/63 Columbia

Still Carl Denver 22/08/63 Decca

I Wanna Stay Here Mikki & Griff 22/08/63 Pye

Whispering Bachelors 29/08/63 Decca

Still Ken Dodd 29/08/63 Columbia

Applejack Jet & Tony 05/09/63 Decca

Do You Love Me Brian Poole 12/09/63 Decca

Memphis Tennessee Dave Berry 19/09/63 Decca

I Who Have Nothing Shirley Bassey 26/09/63 Columbia

Somebody Else’s Girl Billy Fury 03/10/63 Decca

If I Ruled the World Harry Secombe 03/10/63 Phillips

Miss You Jimmy Young 10/10/63 Columbia

Mule Train Frank Ifield 17/10/63 Columbia

Look Who It Is Helen Shapiro 24/10/63 Columbia

We Want Billy Billy Fury 26/10/63 Decca

Secret Love Kathy Kirby 07/11/63 Decca

Freddie & the Dreamers Freddie the Dreamers 09/11/63 Columbia

It’s Almost Tomorrow Mark Winter 14/11/63 PYE

From Russia With Love Matt Monro 14/11/63 Parlophone

Listen to Billy J. Kramer Billy J. Kramer 16/11/63 Parlophone

Sugar & Spice Searchers 16/11/63 Pye

I Only Want to Be With You Dusty Springfield 21/11/63 Phillips

From Russia with Love John Barry 21/11/63 Ember

Money Bern Elliot the Fenmen 21/11/63 Decca

Hungry for Love Johnny Kid 28/11/63 HMV

I Can Dance Brian Poole 28/11/63 Decca

Country Boy Heinz 28/11/63 Decca

All I want for Christmas is a Beatle Dora Bryan 05/12/63 Fontana

Walking Alone Richard Anthony 12/12/63 Columbia

Do You Realy Love Me Too Billy Fury 02/01/64 Decca

16 Hits From stars & Garters Kathy Kirby 04/01/64 Decca

My Baby Left Me Dave Berry 09/01/64 Decca

Don’t Blame Me Frank Ifield 09/01/64 Columbia

All My Loving Dowlands 09/01/64 Oriole

Do You Want Me To Four Pennies 16/01/64 Phillips

Song Of Mexico Tony Meehan Combo 16/01/64 Decca

Diane Bachelors 23/01/64 Decca

Fever Helen Shapiro 23/01/64 Columbia

Candy Man Brian Poole 30/01/64 Decca

Boys Cry Eden Kane 30/01/64 Fontana

Anyone Who Had a Heart Cilla Black 06/02/64 Parlophone

Stay Awhile Dusty Springfield 20/02/64 Phillips

Make Love To Me John Leyton 20/02/64 HMV

Over You Freddie the Dreamers 20/02/64 Columbia

Let Me Go Lover Kathy Kirby 20/02/64 Decca

It’s An Open Secret Joy String 27/02/64 Regal Zonophn

I Love How You Love Me Maureen Evans 27/02/64 Oriole

You Were There Heinz 27/02/64 Decca

Tell Me When Applejacks 05/03/64 Decca

A World Without Love Peter & Gordon 12/03/64 Columbia

New Orleans Bern Elliot the Fenmen 19/03/64 Decca

I Believe Bachelors 19/03/64 Decca

Unchained Melody Jimmy Young 26/03/64 Columbia

Everything’s Alright Mojos 26/03/64 Decca

Blue Skies Frank Ifield 28/03/64 Columbia

Juliet Four Pennies 02/04/64 Phillips

A Session With Dave Clark Five Dave Clark 18/04/64 Columbia

Angry at the Big Oak Tree Frank Ifield 23/04/64 Columbia

If I Loved You Richard Anthony 23/04/64 Columbia

A Girl Called Dusty Dusty Springfield 25/04/64 Phillips

Can’t Buy Me Love Ella Fitzgerald 30/04/64 Verve

Baby Its You Dave Berry 30/04/64 Decca

Always & Ever Johnny Kid 30/04/64 HMV

I Will Billy Fury 30/04/64 Decca

You’re the One Kathy Kirby 07/05/64 Decca

Someone Someone Brian Poole 07/05/64 Decca

Your My World Cilla Black 07/05/64 Parlophone

Walkin’ the Dog Dennisons 07/05/64 Decca

Shout Love Affair 14/05/64 Decca

I Love You Baby Freddie the Dreamers 14/05/64 Columbia

Trains and Boats and Planes Burt Bacharach 20/05/64 London

Bread & Butter Newbeats 28/05/64 Hickory

Stop Look & Listen Wayne Fontana 28/05/64 Fontana

Hold Me P,J, Proby 28/05/64 Decca

It’s the Searchers Searchers 30/05/64 Pye

8 By 10 Ken Dodd 01/06/64 Columbia

Nobody I Know Peter & Gordon 04/06/64 Columbia

Near You Magil Five 04/06/64 Pye

Love Me With All Your Heart Carl Denver 04/06/64 Decca

Ramona Bachelors 04/06/64 Decca

Hello Dolly Frankie Vaughn 04/06/64 Phillips

Why Not Tonight Mojos 11/06/64 Decca

Peter & Gordon Peter & Gordon 20/06/64 Columbia

Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles Francoise Hardy 25/06/64 Pye

The Bachelors & 16 Great Songs Bachelors 27/06/64 Decca

I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself Dusty Springfield 02/07/64 Phillips

Wishin’ & Hopin’ Mersey Beats 09/07/64 Fontana

Just For You Freddie the Dreamers 16/07/64 Columbia

I Found Out The Hard Way Four Pennies 16/07/64 Phillips

Happiness Ken Dodd 23/07/64 Columbia

I Should Care Frank Ifield 23/07/64 Columbia

It’s Only Make Believe Billy Fury 23/07/64 Decca

From a Window Billy J Kramer 23/07/64 Parlophone

Spanish Harlem Sounds Incorporated 30/07/64 Columbia

The Crying Game Dave Berry 06/08/64 Decca

I Wouldn’t Trade You Bachelors 13/08/64 Decca

She’s Not There Zombies 13/08/64 Decca

You Realy Got Me Kinks 13/08/64 Pye

Move it Baby Simon Scott 13/08/64 Parlophone

As Tears Go By Marianne Faithfull 13/08/64 Decca

The Wedding Julie Rogers 13/08/64 Mercury

Twelve Steps to Love Brian Poole 20/08/64 Decca

I’m Into Something Good Hermans Hermits 20/08/64 Columbia

Together P.J. Proby 03/09/64 Decca

Whose Side Are You On Matt Bianco 08/09/64 WEA

Seven Daffodils Mojos 10/09/64 Decca

The Letter Long & the Short 10/09/64 Decca

Walk Away Matt Monro 17/09/64 Parlophone

The Way You Look Tonight Denny Seyton 17/09/64 Mercury

Come to Me Julie Grant 24/09/64 Pye

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You Rockin’ Berries 01/10/64 Piccadilly

Summer is Over Frank Ifield 01/10/64 Columbia

Um Um Um Um Um Um Wayne Fontana 08/10/64 Fontana

He’s In Town Rockin’ Berries 10/10/64 Piccadilly

Questions I Can’t Answer Heinz 15/10/64 Colunbia

Goldfinger Shirley Bassey 15/10/64 Columbia

Walk Tall Val Doonican 15/10/64 Decca

Fame at Last Georgie Fame 17/10/64 Decca

Losing You Dusty Springfield 22/10/64 Phillips

Wild Side of Life Tommy Quickly 22/10/64 Pye

Black Girl Four Pennies 29/10/64 Phillips

All Day & All Over the World Kinks 29/10/64 Pye

March of the Mods Joe Loss 05/11/64 HMV

I Understand Freddie the Dreamers 05/11/64 Columbia

Here Comes the Night Lulu 12/11/64 Decca

Downtown Petula Clark 12/11/64 Pye

Show Me Girl Hermans Hermits 19/11/64 Columbia

So Deep is the Night Ken Dodd 26/11/64 Columbia

Message to Martha Adam Faith 26/11/64 Parlophone

So Much in Love Mighty Avengers 26/11/64 Decca

Terry Twinkle 26/11/64 Decca

One Heart Between Two Dave Berry 26/11/64 Decca

No Arms Could Ever Hold You Bachelors 03/12/64 Decca

Like a Child Julie Rogers 10/12/64 Mercury

Girl Don’t Come Sandy Shaw 10/12/64 Pye

Somewhere P.J. Proby 10/12/64 Liberty

Yeh Yeh Georgie Fame 17/12/64 Columbia

A Stary Night Joy String 17/12/64 Regal Zonopho

Greatest Hits Frank Ifield 19/12/64 Columbia

Choc Ice Long & the Short 24/12/64 Decca

We’ll Sing In theSunshine Lancastrians 24/12/64 Pye

For Mama Matt Monro 24/12/64 Parlophone

Et Meme Francoise Hardy 07/01/65 Pye

I’ll Never Find Another You Seekers 07/01/65 Columbia

Three Bells Brian Poole 07/01/65 Decca

A Groovy Kind of Love Mindbenders 13/01/65 Fontana

I’m Lost Without You Billy Fury 14/01/65 Decca

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ Cilla Black 14/01/65 Parlophone

Tired fo Waiting For You Kinks 21/01/65 Pye

The Special Years Val Doonican 21/01/65 Decca

Tomorrow Sandy Shaw 22/01/65 Pye

Game of Love Wayne Fontana 04/02/65 Fontana

Funny How Love Can Be Ivy League 04/02/65 Piccadilly

Ferry Cross the Mersey Gerry the Pacemakers 06/02/65 Columbia

Tell Her No Zombies 11/02/65 Decca

A Windmill in Old Amsterdam Ronnie Hilton 11/02/65 HMV

It’s Not Unusual Tom Jones 11/02/65 Decca

Cilla Cilla Balck 13/02/65 Parlophone

Come and Stay With Me Marianne Faithfull 18/02/65 Decca

Silhouettes Hermans Hermits 18/02/65 Columbia

I’ll Stop at Nothing Sandy Shaw 18/02/65 Pye

Your Hurtin’ Kind Of Love Dusty Springfield 18/02/65 Phillips

Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders Wayne Fontana 20/02/65 Fontana

I Apologise P.J. Proby 25/02/65 Liberty

Golden Lights Twinkle 25/02/65 Decca

I’m PJ Proby P.J.Proby 27/02/65 Liberty

I Belong Kathy Kirby 04/03/65 Decca

Sandie Sandy Shaw 06/03/65 Pye

I Know a Place Petula Clark 11/03/65 Pye

Someone Must Have Hurt You a Lot Frankie Vaughn 11/03/65 Phillips

Diggin’ My Potatoes Heinz 18/03/65 Colunbia

All Over the World Francoise Hardy 25/03/65 Pye

Little Things Dave Berry 25/03/65 Decca

Without You Matt Monro 25/03/65 Parlophone

Hawaiian Wedding Song Julie Rogers 25/03/65 Mercury

Catch the Wind Donovan 25/03/65 Pye

True Love Forever More Bachelors 01/04/65 Decca

True Love Ways Peter & Gordon 08/04/65 Columbia

I’m Gonna Get There Somehow Val Doonican 08/04/65 Decca

A World of Our Own Seekers 15/04/65 Columbia

I’ve Been Wrong Before Cilla Black 22/04/65 Parlophone

Where Are You Now Jackie Trent 22/04/65 Pye

A Little You Freddie the Dreamers 22/04/65 Columbia

I Keep Ringing My Baby Soul Brothers 22/04/65 Decca

Love Her Walker Bothers 29/04/65 Phillips

Wonderful World Hermans Hermits 29/04/65 Columbia

That’s Why I’m Crying Ivy League 06/05/65 Piccadilly

Once Upon a Time Tom Jones 06/05/65 Decca

This Little Bird Marianne Faithfull 06/05/65 Decca

Long Live Love Sandy Shaw 13/05/65 Pye

Poor Man’s Son Rockin’ Berries 13/05/65 Piccadilly

Marie Bachelors 20/05/65 Decca

Trains & Boats & Planes Billy J Kramer 20/05/65 Parlophone

Hit Maker-Burt Bacharach Burt Bacharach 22/05/65 London

Leaving Here Birds 27/05/65 Decca

Colours Donovan 03/06/65 Pye

Whats Bin Did & Whats Bin Hid Donovan 05/06/65 Pye

Come My Way Marianne Faithfull 05/06/65 Decca

Marianne Faithfull Marianne Faithfull 05/06/65 Decca

Along Came Jones Tom Jones 05/06/65 Decca

Goodbye-ee Peter Cook 17/06/65 Decca

Leave a Little Love Lulu 17/06/65 Decca

To Know You is to Love You Peter & Gordon 24/06/65 Columbia

Willow Tree Ivy League 24/06/65 Piccadilly

Tossing and Turning Ivy League 24/06/65 Piccadilly

In the Middle of Nowhere Dusty Springfield 01/07/65 Phillips

When the Summertime Is Over Jackie Trent 01/07/65 Pye

That’s the Way Love Goes Charles Dickens 01/07/65 Pye

A World of Our Own Seekers 03/07/65 Columbia

The Seekers Seekers 03/07/65 Decca

With These Hands Tom Jones 08/07/65 Decca

Let the Water Run Down P.J. Proby 08/07/65 Liberty

You’ve Got Your Troubles Fortunes 08/07/65 Decca

The Ballad of Spotty Muldoon Peter Cook 15/07/65 Decca

I Want Candy Brian Poole 22/07/65 Decca

Summer Nights Marianne Faithfull 22/07/65 Decca

This Strange Effect Dave Berry 22/07/65 Decca

In Thoughts Of You Billy Fury 22/07/65 Decca

I Have Dreamed Matt Munroe 07/08/65 Parlophone

What’s New Pussycat Tom Jones 12/08/65 Decca

DR Finlay Andy Stewart 12/08/65 HMV

You Better come Home Petula Clark 12/08/65 Pye

Catch Us If You Can Dave Clark 14/08/65 Columbia

Some of Your Lovin’ Dusty Springfield 16/08/65 Phillips

Paradise Frank Ifield 19/08/65 Columbia

Make It Easy On Yourself Walker Bothers 19/08/65 Phillips

Your My Girl Rockin’ Berries 26/08/65 Piccadilly

Tears Ken Dodd 02/09/65 Columbia

Try To Understand Lulu 02/09/65 Decca

Just a Little Bit Better Hermans Hermits 02/09/65 Columbia

Run To My Loving Arms Billy Fury 16/09/65 Decca

Message Understood Sandy Shaw 23/09/65 Pye

You’ve got To hide Your Love Away Silkie 23/09/65 Fontana

Faith Alive Adam Faith 25/09/65 Parlophone

That Means a Lot P.J. Proby 30/09/65 Liberty

Yesterday Man Chris Andrews 07/10/65 Decca

Here It Comes Again Fortunes 07/10/65 Decca

Until Its Time For You To Go Four Pennies 07/10/65 Phillips

More Great Song Hits From The Bachelors Bachelors 09/10/65 Decca

Round Every Corner Petula Clark 14/10/65 Pye

Yesterday Matt Monro 21/10/65 Parlophone

Baby I’m Yours Peter & Gordon 21/10/65 Columbia

Everything Comes up Dusty Dusty Springfield 22/10/65 Phillips

James Last Manfred Mann 23/10/65 HMV

Shame & Scandal in the Family Lance Percival 28/10/65 Parlophone

The Carnival is Over Seekers 28/10/65 Columbia

In the Chapel in the Moonlight Bachelors 28/10/65 Decca

Yesterday Marianne Faithfull 04/11/65 Decca

Thou Shalt Not Steal Freddie the Dreamers 04/11/65 Columbia

You’re the One Petula Clark 04/11/65 Pye

Fairy Tale Donovan 06/11/65 Pye

Turquoise Donovan 11/11/65 Pye

Blooodshot Eyes Millie 11/11/65 Fontana

Don’t Bring Me Your Heartaches Paul & Barry Ryan 11/11/65 Decca

How Can You Tell Sandy Shaw 18/11/65 Pye

The River Ken Dodd 18/11/65 Columbia

Maria P.J. Proby 25/11/65 Liberty

My Ship is Coming In Walker Bothers 02/12/65 Phillips

Come Away Malinda Barry St John 09/12/65 Columbia

Take It Easy Walker Brothers 18/12/65 Phillips

A Must To Avoid Hermans Hermits 23/12/65 Columbia

Tears of Happiness Ken Dodd 25/12/65 Columbia

Take Me to Your Heart Again Vince Hill 06/01/66 Columbia

Hello Dolly Bachelors 06/01/66 Decca

You Were on My Mind Crispian St Peters 06/01/66 Decca

The Water Is Over My Head Rockin’ Berries 06/01/66 Piccadilly

Mirror Mirror Pinkerton’s Assorted 13/01/66 Decca

Thunderball Tom Jones 13/01/66 Decca

Michelle Overlanders 13/01/66 Pye

Love’s Just a Broken Heart Cilla Black 13/01/66 Parlophone

Little By Little Dusty Springfield 27/01/66 Phillips

This Golden Ring Fortunes 03/02/66 Decca

Have Pity on the Boy Paul & Barry Ryan 03/02/66 Decca

My Love Petula Clark 10/02/66 Pye

You’ve Come Back P.J. Proby 10/02/66 Liberty

I’ll Never Quite Get Over You Billy Fury 10/02/66 Decca

Trouble is My Middle Name Four Pennies 17/02/66 Phillips

Woman Peter & Gordon 24/02/66 Columbia

You Don’t Love Me Gary Walker 24/02/66 CBS

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore Walker Bothers 03/03/66 Phillips

A Man Without Love Kenneth McKellar 10/03/66 Decca

Heartaches Vince Hill 17/03/66 Columbia

The Sound of Silence Bachelors 17/03/66 Decca

Elusive Butterfly Val Doonican 17/03/66 Decca

Someday One Day Seekers 24/03/66 Columbia

Supergirl Graham Bonney 24/03/66 Columbia

You Won’t Be Leaving Hermans Hermits 24/03/66 Columbia

Pied Piper Crispian St Peters 31/03/66 Decca

I Put a Spell on You Alan Price 31/03/66 Decca

Alfie Cilla Black 31/03/66 Parlophone

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me Dusty Springfield 31/03/66 Phillips

14 Things to Talk About Chriss Farlowe 02/04/66 Immediate

A Sign of the Times Petula Clark 12/04/66 Pye

To Whom it Concerns Chris Andrews 14/04/66 Decca

Communication David Mcallum 14/04/66 Capitol

Highway Code Master Singers 14/04/66 Parlophone

Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me Baby Pinkerton’s Assorted 21/04/66 Decca

Homeward Bound Quiet Five 21/04/66 Parlophone

Can’t Live Without You Mindbenders 05/05/66 Fontana

I Love Her Paul & Barry Ryan 12/05/66 Decca

Promises Ken Dodd 12/05/66 Columbia

Nothing Comes Easy Sandy Shaw 19/05/66 Pye

Once There Was A Time Tom Jones 19/05/66 Decca

Twinkie Lee Gary Walker 26/05/66 CBS

Merci Cheri Vince Hill 02/06/66 Columbia

Don’t Answer Me Cilla Black 09/06/66 Parlophone

Lady Jane David Garrick 09/06/66 Piccadilly

To Make a Big Man Cry P.J. Proby 16/06/66 Liberty

No One Will Ever Know Frank Ifield 23/06/66 Columbia

Out Of Time Chris Farlow 23/06/66 Immediate

This Door Swings Both Ways Hermans Hermits 23/06/66 Columbia

The Mindbenders Mindbenders 25/06/66 Fontana

Mama Dave Berry 30/06/66 Decca

Black is Black Los Bravos 30/06/66 Decca

I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love Petula Clark 30/06/66 Pye

Can I Trust You Bachelors 07/07/66 Decca

Going Back Dusty Springfield 07/07/66 Phillips

Hits of the Sixties Bachelors 09/07/66 Decca

(Baby) You Don’t Have to Tell Me Walker Bothers 14/07/66 Phillips

I Love How You Love Me Paul & Barry Ryan 14/07/66 Decca

Hi Lili Hi Lo Alan Price 14/07/66 Decca

Hits For Now and Always Ken Dodd 23/07/66 Columbia

I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love Petula Clark 30/07/66 Pye

Give Me Your Word Billy Fury 04/08/66 Decca

More Than Love Ken Dodd 04/08/66 Columbia

Changes Julie Felix 11/08/66 Fontana

Got to Get You into My Life Cliff Bennet 11/08/66 Parlophone

All I See is You Dusty Springfield 15/08/66 Phillips

This is the Life Matt Munroe 17/08/66 Capitol

This & That Tom Jones 18/08/66 Decca

Ashes to Ashes Mindbenders 25/08/66 Fontana

I’ve Got a Song for You Shirley Bassey 27/08/66 United Artists

Portrait Walker Brothers 03/09/66 Phillips

I Don’t Care Los Bravos 08/09/66 Decca

Run Sandy Shaw 08/09/66 Pye

Changes Crispian St Peters 15/09/66 Decca

Somewhere My Love Mike Sammes Singers 15/09/66 HMV

Another Tear Falls Walker Bothers 22/09/66 Phillips

Dear Mrs Applebee David Garrick 22/09/66 Piccadilly

Lady Godiver Peter & Gordon 22/09/66 Columbia

Have You Ever Loved Somebody Paul & Barry Ryan 29/09/66 Decca

No Milk Today Hermans Hermits 06/10/66 Columbia

From the Heart Tom Jones 08/10/66 Decca

Cheryls Home Going Adam Faith 20/10/66 Parlophone

I Love My Dog Cat Stevens 20/10/66 Deram

A Fool Am I Cilla Black 20/10/66 Parlophone

Golden Hits Dusty Springfield 22/10/66 Phillips

Ride on Baby Chris Farlow 27/10/66 Immediate

Its Love Ken Dodd 27/10/66 Columbia

I Can’t Make it Alone P.J. Proby 27/10/66 Liberty

What Would I Be Val Doonican 03/11/66 Decca

Bachelors’ Girls Bachelors 05/11/66 Decca

Green Green Grass of Home Tom Jones 10/11/66 Decca

Weather Forcast Master Singers 17/11/66 Parlophone

Come the Day Seekers 19/11/66 Columbia

Morning Ride Seekers 24/11/66 Columbia

East West Hermans Hermits 01/12/66 Columbia

Walk With Faith in Your Heart Bachelors 01/12/66 Decca

Call Her Your Sweetheart Frank Ifield 08/12/66 Columbia

Missy Missy Paul & Barry Ryan 08/12/66 Decca

Sunshine Superman Donovan 08/12/66 Pye

The Art of Chriss Farlowe Chriss Farlowe 10/12/66 Immediate

Come to My Party Mrs Mills 10/12/66 Parlophone

Deadlier Than The Male Walker Bothers 15/12/66 Phillips

Run to the Door Clinton Ford 05/01/67 Piccadilly

If Music Be the Food of Love Dave Dee, Dozy, ETC 07/01/67 Fontana

Matthew & Son Cat Stevens 12/01/67 Deram

For Someone Special Ken Dodd 14/01/67 Columbia

Let Me Cry on Your Shoulder Ken Dodd 19/01/67 Columbia

Release Me Engelbert Humperdinck26/01/67 Decca

This is My Song Petula Clark 02/02/67 Pye

Here Comes My Baby Tremeloes 02/02/67 CBS

Hit Parade Petula Clark 04/02/67 Pye

There’s a Kind Of Hush Hermans Hermits 09/02/67 Columbia

Edelweiss Vince Hill 09/02/67 Columbia

Mellow Yellow Donovan 09/02/67 Pye

98.6 Bystanders 09/02/67 Pye

Detroit City Tom Jones 16/02/67 Decca

My Way of Giving In Chris Farlow 16/02/67 Immediate

Clour My World Petula Clark 18/02/67 Pye

I’ll Try Anything Dusty Springfield 23/02/67 Phillips

Memories Are Made of This Val Doonican 23/02/67 Decca

Georgy Girl Seekers 23/02/67 Columbia

I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman Whistling Jack Smith 02/03/67 Deram

Keep It Out Of Sight Paul & Barry Ryan 02/03/67 Decca

Is This What I Get For Loving You Marianne Faithfull 09/03/67 Decca

My Friend Jack Smoke 09/03/67 Columbia

Puppet on a String Sandy Shaw 16/03/67 Pye

Images Walker Brothers 18/03/67 Phillips

Matthew & Son Cat Stevens 25/03/67 Deram

I’m Gonna Get Me a Gun Cat Stevens 30/03/67 Deram

Oh How I Miss You Bachelors 06/04/67 Decca

Green Grass of Home Tom Jones 08/04/67 Decca

Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings Tom Jones 13/04/67 Decca

The Boat That I Row Lulu 13/04/67 Columbia

Secombes Perssonal Choice Harry Secombe 22/04/67 Phillips

Silence is Golden Tremeloes 27/04/67 CBS

Time Alone Will Tell Malcolm Roberts 11/05/67 RCA

Roses of Picardy Vince Hill 11/05/67 Columbia

Walking In the Rain Walker Bothers 18/05/67 Phillips

Release Me Englebert Humperdinck20/05/67 Decca

Edelweiss Vince Hill 20/05/67 Columbia

Don’t Sleep in the Subway Petula Clark 25/05/67 Pye

Two Streets Val Doonican 25/05/67 Decca

Ther Goes My Everything Engelbert Humperdinck25/05/67 Decca

What Good Am I Cilla Black 08/06/67 Parlophone

Olive Tree Judith Durham 15/06/67 Columbia

Just Loving You Anita Harris 29/06/67 CBS

Claire Paul & Barry Ryan 29/06/67 Decca

Lets Pretend Lulu 29/06/67 Columbia

Golden All Time Hits Bachelors 01/07/67 Decca

Martia Bachelors 05/07/67 Decca

You Only Live Twice Nancy Sinatra 05/07/67 Reprise

Sunshine Superman Donovan 08/07/67 Pye

Tonight in Tokyo Sandy Shaw 12/07/67 Pye

Annabella John Walker 19/07/67 Phillips

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again Tom Jones 26/07/67 Decca

Even the Bad Times Are Good Tremeloes 02/08/67 CBS

Five Little Fingers Frankie McBride 09/08/67 Emerald

Scott Scott Walker 16/08/67 Phillips

Walker Brothers Story Walker Brothers 16/08/67 Phillips

There Must Be a Way Frankie Vaughn 23/08/67 Columbia

The Last Waltz Engelbert Humperdinck23/08/67 Decca

Lets Go to San Francisco Flowerpot Men 23/08/67 Deram

Invitation to the Movies Matt Munroe 26/08/67 Capitol

When Will the Good Apples Fall Seekers 20/09/67 Columbia

The Letter Mindbenders 20/09/67 Fontana

Love Letters in The Sand Vince Hill 27/09/67 Columbia

You’ve Not Changed Sandy Shaw 04/10/67 Pye

These are My Songs Petula Clark 07/10/67 Pye

Playground Anita Harris 11/10/67 CBS

Big Spender Shirley Bassey 11/10/67 United Artists

Universal Soldier Donovan 14/10/67 Marble Arch

If the Whole World Stopped Loving Val Doonican 18/10/67 Pye

There is a Mountain Donovan 25/10/67 Pye

Careless Hands Des O’Connor 01/11/67 Colunbia

Let the Heartaches Begin Long John Baldry 08/11/67 Pye

Love Loves to Love Lulu 08/11/67 Columbia

Be Mine Tremeloes 08/11/67 CBS

Where Am I Going Dusty Springfield 11/11/67 Phillips

I’m Coming Home Tom Jones 22/11/67 Decca

Thank You Very Much Scaffold 22/11/67 Parlophone

The Last Waltz Englebert Humperdinck25/11/67 Decca

Seekers-Seen in Green Seekers 25/11/67 Columbia

I Only Live To Love You Cilla Black 29/11/67 Parlophone

Jackie Scott Walker 06/12/67 Phillips

The Other Man’s Grass Petula Clark 13/12/67 Pye

Emerald City Seekers 13/12/67 Columbia

13 Smash Hits Tom Jones 30/12/67 Decca

Everlasting Love Love Affair 03/01/68 CBS

Am I That Easy To Forget Engelbert Humperdinck10/01/68 Decca

Suddenly You Love Me Tremeloes 17/01/68 CBS

I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving Hermans Hermits 17/01/68 Columbia

Anniversary Waltz Anita Harris 24/01/68 CBS

So Much Love Tony Blackburn 24/01/68 MGM

Just Loving You Anita Harris 27/01/68 CBS

Rosie Don Partridge 07/02/68 Columbia

Today Sandy Shaw 07/02/68 Pye

Legend of Xanadu Dave Dee Dozy ETC 14/02/68 Fontana

Cinderella Rockafella Esther & Abi Ofarim 14/02/68 Phillips

12 of Those Songs Shirley Bassey 17/02/68 Columbia

Jennifer Jupiter Donovan 21/02/68 Pye

You’re the Only One Val Doonican 21/02/68 Pye

Delilah Tom Jones 28/02/68 Decca

Kiss Me Goodbye Petula Clark 06/03/68 Pye

It’s Your Day Today P.J. Proby 06/03/68 Liberty

Free Wheelers Peddlers 16/03/68 CBS

Do You Remember Scaffold 27/03/68 Parlophone

I’ve Got You on My Mind Dorian Grey 27/03/68 Parlophone

The Other Mans Grass Is Always Greener Petula Clark 06/04/68 Pye

White Horses Jackie Lee 10/04/68 Phillips

Rainbow Valley Love Affair 17/04/68 CBS

Scott 2 Scott Walker 20/04/68 Phillips

A Man Without Love Engelbert Humperdinck24/04/68 Decca

Joanna Scott Walker 01/05/68 Phillips

Sleepy Joe Hermans Hermits 01/05/68 Columbia

Helule Helule Tremeloes 08/05/68 CBS

I Pretend Des O’Connor 08/05/68 Colunbia

A Gift From a Flower to a Garden Donovan 11/05/68 Pye

Rainbow Chaser Nirvana 15/05/68 Island

Lovin’ Things Marmalde 22/05/68 CBS

Blue Eyes Don Partridge 29/05/68 Columbia

Hurdy Gurdy Man Donovan 29/05/68 Pye

Now Val Doonican 12/06/68 Pye

One More Dance Esther & Abi Ofarim 19/06/68 Phillips

Importance of Your Love Vince Hill 26/06/68 Columbia

Last Night in Soho Dave Dee Dozy ETC 03/07/68 Fontana

I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten Dusty Springfield 10/07/68 Phillips

Help Yourself Tom Jones 17/07/68 Decca

Sunshine Girl Hermans Hermits 17/07/68 Columbia

Delilah Tom Jones 27/07/68 Decca

A Man Without Love Englebert Humperdinck03/08/68 Decca

Music in the Dolls House Family 10/08/68 Reprise

Dream a Little Dream of Me Anita Harris 14/08/68 CBS

Jesamine Casuals 14/08/68 Decca

Little Arrows Leapy Lee 21/08/68 MCA

When the Sun comes Shinnin’ Through Long John Baldry 28/08/68 Pye

I Live for the Sun Vanity Fare 28/08/68 Page One

Red Red Wine Jimmy James 11/09/68 Pye

A Day Without Love Love Affair 11/09/68 CBS

My Little Lady Tremeloes 18/09/68 CBS

Only One Woman Marbles 25/09/68 Polydor

Les Bicyclettes De Belsize Engelbert Humperdinck25/09/68 Decca

Wreck of Antoinette Dave Dee Dozy ETC 02/10/68 Fontana

Zabadak Dave Dee Dozy ETC 11/10/68 Fontana

Eloise Barry Ryan 23/10/68 MGM

If I Knew Then what I Know Now Val Doonican 23/10/68 Pye

Mexico Long John Baldry 23/10/68 Pye

Wait For Me Marianne Marmalde 23/10/68 CBS

May I Have the Next Dream With You Malcolm Roberts 30/10/68 Major Minor

Lily the Pink Scaffold 06/11/68 Parlophone

Best of the Seekers Seekers 16/11/68 Columbia

A Minute of Your Time Tom Jones 27/11/68 Decca

Best of Cilla Black Cilla Balck 30/11/68 Parlophone

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Marmalade 04/12/68 CBS

Atlantis Donovan 04/12/68 Pye

Toy Casuals 04/12/68 Decca

I Pretend Des O’Connor 07/12/68 Columbia

I Shall Be Released Tremeloes 11/12/68 CBS

Please Don’t Go Donald Peers 18/12/68 Columbia

Somethings Happening Hermans Hermits 18/12/68 Columbia

Fox On the Run Manfred Mann 18/12/68 Fontana

Help Yourself Tom Jones 21/12/68 Decca

Dusty…Definitely Dusty Springfield 21/12/68 Phillips

Move a Little Closer Harmony Grass 29/01/69 RCA

The Way It Used to Be Engelbert Humperdinck 05/02/69 Decca

Monsieur Dupont Sandy Shaw 12/02/69 Pye

Love is Love Barry Ryan 19/02/69 MGM

You’re my Everything Max Bygraves 19/02/69 Pye

One Road Love Affair 19/02/69 CBS

If You Love Her Dick Emery 26/02/69 Pye

Postcard Mary Hopkin 01/03/69 Apple

Engelbert Englebert Humperdinck01/03/69 Decca

Don Juan Dave Dee Dozy ETC 05/03/69 Fontana

Hello World Tremeloes 19/03/69 CBS

Family Entertainment Family 22/03/69 Reprise

The Walls Fell Down Marbles 26/03/69 Polydor

Come Back & Shake Me Clodagh Rogers 26/03/69 RCA

Its Only Love Tony Blackburn 26/03/69 MGM

Goodbye Mary Hopkin 02/04/69 Apple

I’ll Be There Jackie Trent 02/04/69 Pye

Scott 3 Scott Walker 05/04/69 Phillips

My Sentimental Friend Hermans Hermits 23/04/69 Columbia

Ring of Bright Water Val Doonican 23/04/69 Pye

Dick-a-Dum-Dum Des O’Connor 07/05/69 Colunbia

I’d Rather Go Blind Chicken Shack 07/05/69 Blue Horizon

Snake in the Grass Dave Dee Dozy ETC 14/05/69 Fontana

Think it All Over Sandy Shaw 14/05/69 Pye

Love Me Tonight Tom Jones 14/05/69 Decca

Way Of Life Family Dog 28/05/69 Bell

Lights of Cincinatti Scott Walker 11/06/69 Phillips

World of the Bachelors Bachelors 14/06/69 Decca

This Is Tom Jones Tom Jones 28/06/69 Decca

Goodnight Midnight Clodagh Rogers 09/07/69 RCA

Goo Goo Barabajagal Donovan 09/07/69 Pye

Something in the Air Thunderclap Newman 11/07/69 Track

Bringing Back the Good Love Affair 16/07/69 CBS

Early In the Morning Vanity Fare 23/07/69 Page One

Tears Won’t Wash Away My Heartache Ken Dodd 30/07/69 Columbia

Je T’aime Jane Birkin Serge G 30/07/69 Fontana

I’m a Better Man Engelbert Humperdinck09/08/69 Decca

Clodagh Rogers Clodagh Rogers 13/08/69 RCA

World of the Bachelors VOL 2 Bachelors 23/08/69 Decca

Space Oddity David Bowie 06/09/69 Phillips

Tears in the Wind Chicken Shack 06/09/69 Blue Horizon

For Once in My Life Dorothy Squires 20/09/69 President

Hunt Barry Ryan 04/10/69 Polydor

Gin Gan Goolie Scaffold 01/11/69 Parlophone

No Mules Fool Family 01/11/69 Reprise

Durham Town Roger Whittaker 08/11/69 Columbia

Biljo Clodagh Rogers 09/11/69 RCA

Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas Tom Jones 15/11/69 Decca

A Winter World Of Love Engelbert Humperdinck15/11/69 Decca

1-2-3 O’Leary Des O’Connor 20/11/69 Colunbia

Love Is All Malcolm Roberts 22/11/69 Major Minor

Two Little Boys Rolf Harris 22/11/69 Columbia

Loneliness Des O’Connor 29/11/69 Colunbia

Englebert Humperdinck Englebert Humperdinck06/12/69 Decca

Without Love Tom Jones 13/12/69 Decca

Good Morning Leapy Lee 20/12/69 MCA

Hitchin’ a Ride Vanity Fare 27/12/69 Page One

I Don’t Believe in If Anymore Roger Whittaker 28/01/70 Columbia

Knock Knock Who’s There Mary Hopkin 31/01/70 Apple

Temma Harbour Mary Hopkin 31/01/70 Apple

United We Stand Brotherhood of Man 14/02/70 Deram

Magical Spiel Barry Ryan 21/02/70 Polydor

I’ll Go on Hoping Des O’Connor 14/03/70 Colunbia

All Kinds of Everything Dana 04/04/70 Rex

Daughter Of Darkness Tom Jones 18/04/70 Decca

If I Could Julie Felix 18/04/70 RAK

Tom Tom Jones 25/04/70 Decca

Kitsch Barry Ryan 10/05/70 Polydor

My Marie Engelbert Humperdinck30/05/70 Decca

Something Shirley Bassey 20/06/70 United Artists

We Made It Happen Englebert Humperdinck11/07/70 Decca

I Who Have Nothing Tom Jones 15/08/70 Decca

Strange Band Family 27/08/70 Reprise

Something Shirley Bassey 29/08/70 United Artists

Another Time Another Place Engelbert Humperdinck12/09/70 Decca

Sweetheart Engelbert Humperdinck12/09/70 Decca

The Tips of my Fingers Des O’Connor 26/09/70 Colunbia

What Have They Done to My Song Ma New Seekers 17/10/70 Phillips

Heaven is Here Julie Felix 17/10/70 RAK

I Who Have Nothing Tom Jones 14/11/70 Decca

Lookin’ In Savoy Brown 28/11/70 Decca

Nothing Rhymed Gilbert O’Sullivan 28/11/70 MAM

With Love Des O’Connor 05/12/70 Columbia

Rupert Jackie Lee 02/01/71 Pye

Shes a Lady Tom Jones 16/01/71 Decca

Funny Funny Sweet 13/03/71 RCA

Jack in the Box Clodagh Rogers 20/03/71 RCA

Underneath the Banket Go Gilbert O’Sullivan 03/04/71 MAM

Silvery Rain Cliff Richards 10/04/71 Columbia

Canadian George Hamilton IV 10/04/71 RCA

He’s Gonna Step On You Again John Congos 22/05/71 Fly

She’s a Lady Tom Jones 29/05/71 Decca

Puppet Man Tom Jones 05/06/71 Decca

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Middle of the Road 05/06/71 RCA

Never Ending Song Of Love New Seekers 10/07/71 Phillips

Co-Co Sweet 12/07/71 RCA

Flying Machine Cliff Richards 17/07/71 Columbia

In My Own Time Family 17/07/71 Reprise

We Will Gilbert O’Sullivan 24/07/71 MAM

Singer & the Song Labi Siffre 24/07/71 Pye

Did You Ever Nancy Sinatra 21/08/71 Reprise

Moon Shadow Cat Stevens 28/08/71 Island

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum Middle of the Road 04/09/71 RCA

Freedom Come Freedom Go Fortunes 11/09/71 Capitol

Another Time Another Place Englebert Humperdinck18/09/71 Decca

Himself Gilbert O’Sullivan 25/09/71 MAM

Lady Love Bug Clodagh Rogers 09/10/71 RCA

Alexander Graham Bell Sweet 16/10/71 RCA

Till Tom Jones 23/10/71 Decca

Run Baby Run Newbeats 23/10/71 London

Sing a Song of Freedom Cliff Richards 13/11/71 Columbia

Ernie Benny Hill 13/11/71 Columbia

Tokoloshe Man John Congos 20/11/71 Fly

This is Pourcel Frank Pourcel 20/11/71 Studio Two

No Matter How I try Gilbert O’Sullivan 27/11/71 MAM

Live At Caesar’s Palace Tom Jones 27/11/71 Decca

Soley Soley Middle of the Road 11/12/71 RCA

I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing New Seekers 18/12/71 Polydor

Kongos John Kongas 15/01/72 Fly

Can’t Let You Go Barry Ryan 15/01/72 Polydor

Storm in a Teacup Fortunes 29/01/72 Capitol

New Colours New Seekers 05/02/72 Polydor

Alone Again Gilbert O’Sullivan 04/03/72 MAM

Too Beautiful to Last Engelbert Humperdinck 04/03/72 Decca

Beg Steal Or Borrow New Seekers 04/03/72 Polydor

Crying Laughing Loving Lying Labi Siffre 25/03/72 Pye

We’d Like to Teach the World to Sing New Seekers 01/04/72 Polydor

The Young New Mexican Puppeteer Tom Jones 01/04/72 Decca

Circles New Seekers 10/06/72 Polydor

Ooh-Wakka-Doo Gilbert O’Sullivan 17/06/72 MAM

Close Up Tom Jones 24/06/72 Decca

The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust David Bowie 01/07/72 RCA Victor

Clair Gilbert O’Sullivan 21/10/72 MAM

Back to Front Gilbert O’Sullivan 18/11/72 MAM

You’re So Vain Carly Simon 16/12/72 Electra

No Secrets Carly Simon 20/01/73 Electra

Gonna Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse Jimmy Helms 24/02/73 Cube

Get Down Gilbert O’Sullivan 17/03/73 MAM

Letter To Lucille Tom Jones 14/04/73 Decca

Welcome Home Peters & Lee 26/05/73 Phillips

The Body & Soul of Tom Jones Tom Jones 23/06/73 Decca

We Can Make It Peters & Lee 30/06/73 Phillips

Love Is All Engelbert Humperdinck20/10/73 Decca

My Coo-Ca-Choo Alvin Stardust 03/11/73 Magnet

Why Oh Why Gilbert O’Sullivan 10/11/73 MAM

And You Smiled Matt Monro 24/11/73 EMI

You Won’t find Another Fool Like Me New Seekers 24/11/73 Polydor

Vaya Con Dios Millican & Nesbit 01/12/73 Pye

Greatest Hits Tom Jones 05/01/74 Decca

Jealous Mind Alvin Stardust 16/02/74 Magnet

I Get Alittle Sentimental Over You New Seekers 09/03/74 Polydor

The Untouchable Alvin Stardust 16/03/74 Magnet

Millican & Nesbit Millican & Nesbit 23/03/74 Pye

Buddah & the Chocolate Box Cat Stevens 06/04/74 Island

Red Dress Alvin Stardust 04/05/74 Magnet

For Old times Sake Millican & Nesbit 18/05/74 Pye

Liverpool Lou Scaffold 01/06/74 Warner Bros

You You You Alvin Stardust 31/08/74 Magnet

Somrthing ‘bout You Baby I Like Tom Jones 07/09/74 Decca

I’m a Writer Not a Fighter Gilbert O’Sullivan 06/10/74 MAM

Stranger inMy Own Backyard Gilbert O’Sullivan 26/10/74 MAM

Magic Pilot 02/11/74 EMI

Alvin Stardust Alvin Stardust 21/12/74 Magnet

January Pilot 18/01/75 EMI

20 Greatest Hits Tom Jones 22/03/75 Decca

That’s How Strong My Love Is In Crowd 20/05/75 Parlophone

Rock With Alvin Alvin Stardust 04/10/75 Magnet

No Regrets Walker Bothers 17/01/76 GTO

Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto Aranjuez Manuel 31/01/76 EMI

No Regrets Walker Brothers 21/02/76 GTO

Love & Kisses From Brotherhood of Man 24/04/76 Pye

Greatest Hits Gilbert O’Sullivan 18/12/76 MAM

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich Dave Dee, Dozy, ETC 02/07/77 Fontana

East to West James Last 06/05/78 Polydor

Strummin’ Chas ‘n’ Dave 11/11/78 EMI

Last the Whole Night Long James Last 14/04/79 Polydor

Gertcha Chas ‘n’ Dave 26/05/79 EMI

25 Golden Greats Bachelors 22/12/79 Warwick

The Seduction James Last 03/04/80 Polydor

The Best From 150 Gold Records James Last 23/08/80 Polydor

I Could Be So Good For You Dennis Warterman 25/10/80 EMI

Classics For Dreaming James Last 01/11/80 Polydor

Roses From the South James Last 14/02/81 Polydor

20 Golden Greats Gilbert O’Sullivan 12/09/81 K-Tel

Hansimania James Last 21/11/81 Polydor

Last Forever James Last 28/11/81 Polydor

Bluebird James Last 05/03/83 Polydor

Non-Stop Dancing-Party Power James Last 30/04/83 Polydor

The Best of My Gold Records James Last 30/04/83 Polydor

The Greatest Songs of the Beatles James Last 03/12/83 Polydor

The Rose of Tralee & other Irish Favourites James Last 24/03/84 Polydor

Paradise James Last 13/10/84 Polydor

James Last in Scotland James Last 08/12/84 Polydor

Leave the Best to Last James Last 14/09/85 Polydor

No Regrets Scott Walker 25/01/92 Fontana

The Complete Tom Jones Tom Jones 27/06/92 The Hit Label