Meridian - Sooloos Update 2.515 (Build 450)

Meridian release Sooloos update 12th Dec 2016

New Features

Re-ordered Napster streaming quality preference to : AAC 320kbs -> AAC 192kbs ->AAC+ 64kbs.
Added Napster streaming quality information to all clients.
Added support for 24bit ALAC to Control:PC / Control:MAC.


Improved Rhapsody/Napster connection management.
Improved detection of MQA content on import.
Improved method of pairing audio endpoints to Sooloos.
Improved filtering of Multicast IP packets in MS200 and ID41 – (build 169).


Fixed Rhapsody/Napster playback failing due to stream changes.
Fixed Rhapsody/Napster login for when core is running on C1x or Sourcex devices.
QNAP – Fixed Sooloos failing to start if RoonServer is already running.
QNAP – Increased max number of zones to 50.