Meridian Announce MQA Product Upgrades

Meridian have announced the release of Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) firmware update for all MQA-compatible Meridian products including Explorer2, Prime Headphone Amplifier, 808v6 Reference CD Player, 818v3 Reference Audio Core, Special Edition Loudspeakers and our 40th Anniversary Systems. From the 4th February, you will be given access to the necessary updates to enable MQA playback in your own home and the opportunity to experience the full, intricate detail of a live performance for the first time in the history of recorded music.

Unlike ‘lossy’ conventional formats, MQA goes all the way back to the original master recording and captures the missing timing detail. Advanced digital processing is then used to deliver it in a form that’s small enough to download or stream to your home or pocket.

Firmware updates for Meridian personal audio products (Explorer2 and Prime Headphone Amplifier) will be available for download from the support pages on the Meridian website, while updates for Reference Series products and Loudspeakers will be handled directly by your Meridian dealer.