Meridian Release Sooloos Update V 2.494

Meridian Release Sooloos Update V2.494

After an extended Beta testing period, Meridian have released a software update for their Sooloos operating system. Features include deeper integration of MQA capabilities and an important Tidal operational update.




New Features

QNAP – Increased number of supported zones
TouchPC – Removed 1920×1080 resolution restriction
TouchPC – Set minimum resolution to 1280×720
TouchPC – Added ‘windowed’ mode
TouchPC – Streamline the DirectX install process
Touch PC, Added “MQA” as a Focus option
Touch PC, Added “Meridian Source Control” Panel, with support for Meridian System Controls (standby, source selection, transport controls)
All clients – Added track Quality and Sample Rate information to “Now Playing”
All Client – Added “MQA” as a “Quality”
Contorl:PC/MAC  – Added support for detecting MQA files on import
Control:PC/MAC /Webclient – Added standby control for Meridian integrated zones
MCx00 – Added Direct Output mode to Digital out
Updated audio endpoint to build 168


Fixed CD imports failing on TouchPC
Fixed an instance where Swim would failing to start
Fix for MC200 mute status being out of sync
Fix for Import Library from TIDAL failing when core is running on C1x
Fix for TouchPC / crashing when playing certain tracks from TIDAL
Fix for TouchPC / crashing when checking internet connection with no internet
Fix for Tidal 48kHz tracks are being played back at 44.1kHz

Endpoints build changes since 164

Fixed mono playback on MS200 and ID41.
Ping information for extranet includes broker name.
Uses validity flag for backplane audio (ID41).
Added display blank/unblank to ID40 & MS600.
Selecting a source clears the mute status.
Updated default source legends in webpage.
Webpage updated with source Comms setup.
Source Comms setup comes from host in ID40 & ID41 when running 8x8v401 & later.
Added support for Meridian Source Control on skinclient.
Buffers HTML POST message fully before interpreting.

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