MQA Ltd Announce New Partners at Munich High End Show 4th May 2016

MQA is attending the High End Show, in Munich, between 5th- 8th May. We will be working with our partners to launch more MQA music and MQA ready products. 


High Res Audio, the renowned high-resolution music download service, joins the list of MQA content providers. Music lovers visiting will be able to download a selection of high-quality releases from renowned labels 2L, Acoustic Music Records, Bauer Studios / Neuklang, Eudora Records, Jazz Arts, Personality Records, Mons Records, Ozella Music and Triplet Records. 30 albums will be available at launch, with more over the coming weeks. 

Existing MQA label and online provider 2L continues to add to its MQA titles, with new arrivals including an extraordinary-sounding Mozart MQA remaster. This labour of love project, ‘white gloved’ by 2L founder Morten Lindberg and MQA creator Bob Stuart, saw the original analogue-to-digital-converters brought out of storage and analysed, going back to each individual microphone feed from the archive. 

MQA also warmly welcomes Eudora Records, whose award-winning recordings are available via High Res Audio. The Spanish label is currently updating its entire catalogue, with MQA versions set to become available through spring and summer 2016.

As well as witnessing new MQA content announcements, further MQA-ready playback products will be revealed. German maker Brinkmann releases its Nyquist DAC, complete with MQA support. Show visitors can hear a prototype of the new DAC, which is due on sale in Q4 2016.

Mytek also adds to its MQA-ready line. The American brand already offers the MQA-ready Brooklyn DAC and now the advanced prototype of the more upscale MQA-capable Manhattan DAC will be on display and shipping in August 2016.

More terrific news for music fans – as well as a ‘world first’ for wireless multi-room systems – comes in the form of Bluesound’s  announcement that, with effect from June 2016, MQA will be available on all of its players. The Canadian maker’s BluOS firmware version 2.2 enables MQA on all BluOS-enabled wireless music systems. 

MQA show demonstrations will include Meridian Audio, Pioneer, Onkyo, Bluesound, Mytek and Brinkmann.