Meridian SE Loudspeakers And 800 References Series Upgrades At 20% Price Reduction


All Special Edition Loudspeaker upgrades and 800 Reference Series upgrades benefit from a 20% price reduction until the end of September.

DSP Loudspeaker Upgrades

SE Upgrade Offers
DSP5200 SE upgrades Was £4,750, now £3,800 (1)
DSP5200HC SE upgrade Was £2,500, now £2,000 (2)
DSP7200 SE upgrades Was £6,500, now £5,200
DSP7200HC SE upgrade Was £3,500, now £2,800
DSP8000 SE upgrades Was £11,000, now £8,800

Prices exclude labour charges.


Warranties: Upgrades carry a full three year parts and labour guarantee, except the DSP8000SE upgrade which carries a six year warranty, all upon registration with Meridian.

Depending on your current loudspeaker model (see below), you will have the opportunity to get your speakers right up to date with great audio benefits and an extended warranty, ,models eligible for ‘SE’ Upgrade:

  • All examples of DSP8000 & DSP7200 & 7200HC can be upgraded to ‘SE’ spec without restriction.
  • (1) DSP5200 models require a serial number starting with “3” or “4”. Serial numbers starting with “1” or “2” cannot be upgraded.
  • (2) DSP5200HC serial numbers higher than 100450 can be upgraded, this naturally includes serial numbers starting with “2”.

Upgrade kits will include the following:

  • Meridian Designed Beryllium Tweeter
  • New Electronics back panel
  • New Firmware Package
  • The SE upgrades do not include the 'silver' drive unit clamping rings which are supplied with new SE speakers, this is because the SE speakers have alternate cabinet/driver mechanical fitting C/W with non original SE speakers.

800 Reference Series

  • 808.3 to 808v6 was £4,000, now £3,200
  • 808v5 to 808v6 was £1,500, now £1,200
  • 818v1 to 818v3 was £2,250, now £1,800
  • 818v2 to 818v3 was £1,500, now £1,200
  • 861v6 to 861v8 was £2,500, now £2,000