Meridian - CEDIA 2017 San Diego New Product Launch News

News is reaching us about Meridian's new products being launched and discussed at Cedia 2017. Display below showing 218, 251, 271, 258


Meridian also previewed UHD722 4K Processor/switcher. Essentially the same as the HD621 with 7 HDMI 2.0 inputs and 2 outputs. Connection via MMHR to existing Meridian processors. Based on the austere 200 series casework with $3,000 selling price,,,

Also a 210 streamer adding additional connectivity to your Sooloos system with Bluetooth and airplay along with Spotify access. Just connect a pair of speaker link speakers for a complete system.Again based on 200 series casework, pricing $750.

Formal announcements from Meridian to follow.