Meridian - New LG DSP Loudspeaker Technology


The first fruits of Meridian's association with LG electronics has been announced. LG will show a range of AI-powered gadgets at CES this January. The first product is the ThinQ Speaker, a Google Assistant-powered device. Meridian's involvement uses its audio's know-how to pump out "more natural and warm" music.


The rest of the LG lineup is led by the SK10Y soundbar, a 5.1.2-channel companion to your TV with Chromecast support, Dolby Atmos processing, lossless audio and Meridian-made Height Elevation to put the sound at the level of the screen, theoretically providing extra clarity.

There's also the PK-series Bluetooth speakers that use Meridian to produce "powerful and undistorted bass," and party speakers that kick out as much as 1,800W of power while supporting features like DJ and karaoke modes.