Meridian -MC200 & Additional 218 Dealer Promotion


Until the end of June 2018 Meridian are offering a free of charge Sooloos Media Core MC200 (worth £1250 inc VAT) with selected 800 series products and DSP SE loudspeakers,

Additional Dealer Promotion:- To further enhance Meridian's offer, TIH is also offering a free of charge 218 MQA compatible end point with all DSP SE loudspeakers purchases so you can fully take advantage of MQA.

Eligible Products:-

  • 818v3 Controller
  • 861v8 Surround Controller
  • 808v6 CD Player / Controller
  • Ultra DAC Controller
  • Pair of DSP5200 SE Loudspeakers
  • Pair of DSP7200 SE Loudspeakers
  • Pair of DSP8000 SE Loudspeakers 



The Meridian Media Core MC200 provides Sooloos Core, Storage and Playback in a single, compact fan-less case.
All that's required to complete the Sooloos system is some form of Control, such as a PC or ideally an iPad running the free Sooloos App.  Adding the 218 will allow full MQA unfold through DSP SE loudspeakers.
With 1 Terabyte of internal hard drive there's enough storage for around 2000 Albums which can be loaded using the Control:PC and Control MAC software included.
The Sooloos system also features Internet Radio and the ability to stream music from Tidal or Napster with a suitable subscription.