Meridian 861 V4 (LPS) Processor For Sale

Meridian 861 V4 Processor

  • An immaculate condition Meridian 861V4 Processor finished in Black

  • Upgraded with linear power supply (LPS)

  • One of the last 861 V4 to be manufactured

  • Build November 2009 - Meridian serial number verified

  • 5 Year warranty on Linear Power Supply (LPS)

  • 1 Year return to base dealer warranty

  • Fully configured for digital and/or analogue output (balanced XLR)

  • CO00 Card Factory configured for ID40 end point

Full Specification:-

  • New LPS (Linear Power Supply) with 5 year warranty upon registration with Meridian

Cards Fitted:-

  • CO00: Control computer card. Complete with Flash memory, RS232 port for control and status, 3 x configurable trigger outputs and Meridian Comms.

  • CD20 & EF20: Internal (no rear panel) 48-bit DSP cards each containing two Motorola 56367 chips running in dual precision mode, each card offering 300 MIPS (million instructions per second) capability.

  • IE42: Digital Input/Output with 6 x S/PDIF (IEC1937) coax inputs, 1 Toslink optical digital input, multiple input options. Includes 150 MIPS DSP de-jittering facility and upsampling to 24-bit, 96kHz sampling. 2 x 2-channel S/PDIF outputs.

  • IA00: Analogue Input with 6 pairs of analogue input on RCA phono connectors, including super-quality A/D conversion.

  • SL00: Slave Patch: 4 x DIN 180 for Meridian DSP Speakers only

  • OE12: Digital Output: 4 x coaxial for Meridian DSP Speakers only

  • OA12M+: Analogue Output: 8 (2 Cards) x balanced 96kHz-capable on XLR

Configuration Notes:-

  • OA12M 96Khz capable balanced output cards (two) configured for use in 861 V4 chassis, spare jumpers supplied for alternate configurations

  • CO00 Control Card Factory configured for use with ID40 Sooloos/Roon End Point


  • Fully Configured with Latest Software

  • Micro 861 8.1 /4449

  • DSP C00057 / D84056

  • DSP E00013 / F84056

  • Serial Numbers:- 861 401700 (Main Unit), 861PK 100101 (LPS Linear Power Supply)

  • Supplied in Meridian Box with MSR+ (Black finish)


  • The front panel and side case work has been re finished by Merdian’s supplier HQ lacquer to as new condition. The processor has been meticulously rebuilt and tested in our workshop

  • Optional customer system configuration upload as appropriate

  • There are a few small delamination marks on the glass top, please see last photograph. the MSR+ has a mark on the front left hand corner

  • Full after sales dealer support

    Price:-  £2499 (SOLD)